motiv Web pages and applications

Most of our business consist in the development of software and Internet presentations.  Our projects include classic web presentations, e-learning educational projects and specialized applications connected with information systems such as e-shops, booking systems, visual or video databases, and others.

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Advantages you will benefit from

  • work with Microsoft certified technologies (.NET Framework, ASP.NET, SQL) and other advanced tools
  • reliable and fair approach
  • option to integrate the development with hosting
  • prices starting at CZK 4 000,- for basic web presentation with content management system
  • price estimate is free of charge

Content management (CMS - content management system)

We also specialize in CMS (web content management system). Other providers usually offer the integrations of complex solutions that include many modules which the user does not really need. He is actually swamped by load of functions that he does not use and this makes the content management pointlessly demanding and costly.

Our solution consists in the analysis of used, or planned to be used, functions and their optimized integration. We will not burden you with dozens of unnecessary options, we will select for you only those that you will really benefit from. This way we can decrease the time you spend managing your web content. The management will be easy and intuitive, fully integrated into HTML/CSS, and fully tested.

We will help you to get customers

When designing our projects, we use vehicles that help customers find your presentation and enable you to communicate with them.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a collection of tools that help you get higher web search engines ranking. The base to achieve this rests in correctly programmed web pages code, indexation, structure and technology used, incl. SEO elements integration into the editorial system. Good solution and corresponding content guarantees you to get high ranking so that visitors can find you easily.

Web Chat

Web Chat is an advanced technology that enables you to communicate with your page visitors in real time. For instance, the Chat will enable you to help your visitor with making decisions and this will give you the edge over your competitors. The implementation of the tool is very easy, no installation necessary. You can learn more about this technology on "Chat site" (CZ only) and you can test it on contact page.