motiv Internet connection

We have been providing wireless internet connection to the inhabitants of the town of Vysoká nad Labem, Czech Republic since 2002. We have built here a huge network which has the highest number of users in town.

New Technology - New rate 90/50 Mb/s



  • The basic monthly fees of CZK 300,- or 400,-, no data limit
  • Tentative evaluation of your site and internet connection solution proposal is free of charge
  • Consultations on home connectivity distribution is free of charge
  • The web operator and administrator resides in Vysoká nad Labem
  • 10x 5 GHz WiFi AP’s in town

Connection fees, incl. VAT

  • 32/16 Mb/s, no data limit, CZK 400,-/month
  • 90/50 Mb/s, no data limit, CZK 500,-/month
  • port forwarding for external access, free of charge
  • other options are negotiable, incl. public IP address

Technology and requirements to connect users

The users are connected to the Internet via wireless WiFi technology (802.11a/n) which requires direct visibility between the AP (access point) antenna and the user’s antenna to ensure flawless connection. The connection range depends on the antenna used and is approx. 1,000 meters. As of today, we have ten 5 GHz access points in the town of Vysoká nad Labem area.


Typical installation on the user’s side consists of installing an outdoor radio module antenna and a router. The data cable connects this point of installation with a power adapter and then runs to the PC. We can supply a switch through which more PC’s can be connected or we can install a home AP and build your home Wi-Fi wireless network to which you can connect different wireless devices. The entire installation work takes us 1-2 hours.


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