motiv WWW server services

We offer web server hosting to clients who are interested in dependable and user-friendly management of files and applications. We provide above-standard services and promote personal approach.



Advantages you will benefit from

  • exceptional services
  • software and hosting integration 
  • reliable, human approach
  • 24/7 accessibility

We do not want to  provide mass hosting, we focus on flawless and optimized server performance supported by many supplementary services.

Our offer includes:

  • web and database hosting
  • FTP access and its administration, incl. locking and SSL encryption
  • domain registrations
  • e-mail and WebMail
  • Smooth Streaming
  • SMS communication via integrated GSM module
  • statistics, and more


  • Intel Server Platform
  • MS Windows Server
  • MS IIS (Internet Information Server), Smooth Streaming
  • MS SQL Server, Firebird
  • E-mail server IceWarp with WebMail