motiv Other services

In addition to providing hosting, we have also prepared special services for our customers which make the web applications management tasks lucid and safe. Some of the services are quite unique and ordinary providers do not offer them. The list of these services continually expands in accordance with the needs of our clients.



File monitoring

Monitoring of web structure key files, such as homepage, database, etc., can be activated. In the event of any change in the monitored files, an e-mail message is sent to address that the client provides. This service may be used not only for statistical purposes but also as a web site safety feature.

Sending and receiving SMS's from web applications

Our server contains GSM module which enables sending and receiving SMS messages. An interface that can integrate this function is available for your web applications.

Encrypted FTP (SSL) and FTP Locking

When working with your files on the web, you can use our encrypted FTP, rather FTPS. Your password travels through the net in an encrypted form that hackers cannot read. Your FTP account can also be locked most of the time and you can unlock it only when you need to use it.

Web site visitors statistics

Our website visitor statistics service analyses our internet sever file logs and is independent from the Google Analytics service. The service is offered in two versions:

  • Basic Version tracks the amount of site and page traffic in daily and monthly cycles. It also gives the information on the volume of data transferred in certain time and includes the e-mail statistics.
  • Enhanced Version, in addition to the Basic Version’s functions, also offers information on visitors IP addresses, keywords used, search engines used, countries of access, and identifies the operating system and type of browser the visitor uses.

Smooth Streaming

The technology for adaptive streaming of videos from web server during which the video’s quality varies per the bandwidth available to the viewer. More ...