motiv CD and DVD

CD and DVD media still remain one of the alternatives to the net distribution. Their advantage consists mainly in higher data transfer speed which makes the task of transferring large data files, such as videos, much faster. The applications can be run and used independently of the Internet. Both technologies may be interconnected to combine their advantages.

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Advantages you will benefit from

  • internet and signal coverage independence
  • better protection
  • solutions tailored to your needs
  • possibility to use your existing data in the presentation
  • individual price calculation

You will appreciate the advantages of CD and DVD applications when looking for solutions that do not depend on the Internet. This form of distribution is often the best way to go, especially at exhibitions or when showing touch screen presentations.

We can prepare for you:

  • presentation programs
  • multitouch applications, where objects on screen could be moved, resized and rotated
  • educational programs
  • e-catalogues
  • multimedia programs tailored to your needs
  • GIS presentation and technical documentation
  • graphic design and user interface
  • and much more …

If interested, we can also help you with designing the program’s structure and with the preliminary work. We will take in account your specific requirements on the product functionality. In order to cut costs, we can also utilize your existing data. Please, contact us so that we may discuss all the options and prepare the price calculation for you.