motiv References software

Different companies use our tailored software for different purposes.
This page lists some of our programs already implemented.




Database application that analyzes the results of aorta surgeries. Extensive forms to collect data with the option of creating a dynamic complex queries.

EKOdatchem - Management of chemical substances and compounds

On-line Internet application for management of hazardous chemical substances. Conversion of legislation into database form with the option to create own substances that consist of different components.

City information system

A city information system used in touchscreen booths that offers information on the city itself and the city life. It features interactive maps with the search option, commercial and non-commercial information.

Siemens KWU

A set of multimedia presentations produced for the permanent Exhibition of Nuclear Power at Siemens KWU Enlangen. The video disks and exibition models can be controlled.

Paintings in Telecom I, II, III, and IV

Presentation and catalogue for an exhibition gallery that features video profiles of the exhibiting artists, four CD's.

Skoda Octavia

Presentation of a new automobile made for the car introduction on the market. Touchscreen application to be used at exhibits, airports, Škoda showrooms and other points of Škoda cars presentation.